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About PACE!

The PACE Penguin Children’s Ski Safety Program was developed by Kerina Williamson, an avid skier and mother of twins. When her children were learning
to ski, Kerina saw an opportunity to increase the level of safety for children participating in downhill sports. Together with the Canadian Ski Patrol System (Central Zone), Kerina developed the PACE program to educate children, parents and fellow skiers/snowboarders about downhill ski safety.

At participating resorts, parents with small children will receive a
PACE Penguin Kit that contains all the important information to
start the day of on the right ski. In the kit, parents will find
a child’s version of the Alpine Responsibility Code, Parent
Checklist, Lost ID Card and a bright PACE Bib to help other
skiers/snowboarders quickly identify their child as a young skier.
They’ll also find signage throughout the resort asking fellow
skiers/snowboarders to slow down and give little penguins extra
space, because their safety is everyone’s responsibility.

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