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Resorts benefit from PACE too!

Becoming a PACE resort is a great idea, for so many reasons!
By participating in the program, you are showing your commitment to downhill
sport safety and the well-being of your guests. Families with young skiers are
more likely to choose a resort that puts their safety first. Plus, the PACE
program is extremely easy to implement.

We even help educate your staff.
When you order the program, you will also receive a launch kit including
implementation tips, staff communication, staff room posters PLUS the support
of the CSPS.

As part of this commitment, the PACE Penguin Children’s Ski
Safety Program has been developed with the expertise of
the Canadian Ski Patrol System (Central Zone) to encourage:

• Children to learn and follow the Alpine Responsibility Code
• Safe ski and equipment practices
• Formal training and skill development
• Fellow skiers/snowboarders to give children more space

For more information about the program or to learn how it could be
implemented at your resort, please download the attached documents
or contact Kerina Williamson at
or call 1-519-761-3086.

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